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Landert Family Office AG
Alte Landstrasse 102
P.O. Box 377
CH-8702 Zollikon

Phone: +41 44 3963300
Fax: +41 44 3963303
Swiss VAT ID Number: CHE-103.475.995

Landert Family Office AG is a Joint Venture between the merged companies „Dr. G. Landert Investment Management & Consulting“, „Landert & Partner AG“ as well as „Gerlan Lizenz AG“.


The copyright to all content on this website is held by Landert Family Office AG, Switzerland.


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All text and links were carefully checked and are updated on an ongoing basis. We endeavour to provide correct and complete information on this website. However, we accept no responsibility or liability and offer no guarantee that the information provided on this website is correct, complete and up to date. We reserve the right to alter the information on this website at any time without prior notice, but are not obliged to update the information it contains. All links to external providers were checked for correctness at the time of their inclusion. We accept no liability for the content and availability of websites reached via links. The provider of the site being linked to holds sole liability for illegal, defective or incomplete content and in particular for any damages resulting from the content of linked pages. It is unimportant whether the damage is of a direct, indirect or financial nature, or if damage has occurred which could be due to data loss, down time or other reasons of any kind.

General terms of use and legal information relating to Landert Family Office AG

1. Agreement
Please read our general terms of use and legal information. By accessing this website, you declare that you have read, understand and accept the general terms of use and legal information. If you do not agree to the terms, please leave this website. Special terms relating to individual products and services are valid concurrently or, in the event of conflict, take priority over the general terms.

2. Local legal restrictions
Access to the information on this website may be restricted by legal provisions applying to the user. Individuals who are subject to such restrictions may not access our website. The Landert Family Office AG website is not intended for use by persons in a country in which (due to nationality, residential status or other reasons) publication of or access to the website is legally prohibited. Specifically, the products and services described on this website are neither available to persons from the UK, Japan, Canada or the USA, nor are they deemed to be offered in these countries.

3. No offer or advice
The information on this website represents neither an invitation, offer nor recommendation to purchase, sell or otherwise have access to an investment instrument, nor to perform any other transaction, or to provide investment advice or other services.The information available on this website does not constitute a suitable basis on which to make legal, business, tax or other decisions, nor should it be used for assistance in making such decisions. It is imperative that advice be sought for each individual case.

4. Right of amendment
Landert Family Office AG reserves the right to amend any or all information on this website at any time and without prior announcement. Landert Family Office AG is not obliged to provide any information regarding amendments, neither prior nor subsequent.

5. Links to other websites
Landert Family Office AG has no influence over third party websites to which it provides links, nor to those which provide links to its own website. Specifically, Landert Family Office AG accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or legality of the products or services on third party websites. Every link given to the Landert Family Office website requires prior written authorisation from Landert Family Office AG.

6. Essential interests
It is possible that Landert Family Office AG and/or members of the Board of Directors and employees own or have owned interests or positions in securities which are mentioned on the website. Such persons may be in contact with the companies in question, provide services to them or represent them on the Board of Directors and/or the Executive Board.

7. No guarantee or warranty
Landert Family Office AG continually checks and updates the information on its website. However, despite the great care taken, some data may have changed since publication. Landert Family Office AG and every other party involved do not guarantee the currency, accuracy or completeness of the information, texts, links, graphics or other material provided on the website. Landert Family Office AG does not guarantee that the functions on the website will not be interrupted or that they are without error, nor that errors will be rectified quickly or that the website or the relevant servers are free from viruses or harmful components.

8. Limitation of liability
Neither Landert Family Office AG nor any other party involved accepts any liability for losses and/or damages of any kind. Landert Family Office AG accepts no liability for damages resulting from manipulation of the Internet user's technical equipment.

9. Risk warning
Positive performance of an asset in the past is no indication of future performance. The value of the asset may be subject to fluctuations. Specifically, there is no guarantee that the value of asset can be preserved. Furthermore, the performance of the asset may be influenced by exchange rate fluctuations.

10. Intellectual property rights
Landert Family Office AG reserves the right to all copyrights and other rights (particularly trademark rights) relating to the entire contents of the Landert Family Office website. Pages may be downloaded or printed out for personal use only. Use for any other reason, in particular partial or full duplication, forwarding, publication, links provided or amendments made is only permitted with prior written authorisation from Landert Family Office AG and full provision of sources.

11. Security notice
Please be aware that e-mail and electronic forms are transferred via an unprotected network. It is technically possible for data transferred electronically in this way to be intercepted, viewed and modified. Third parties may thus draw conclusions about your relationship with Landert Family Office.

12. Place of jurisdiction and choice of law
The law of Switzerland applies exclusively to any disputes connected to this website. Such disputes are to be judged exclusively by the courts of law of the Canton of Zurich.

Privacy Policy

Landert Family Office AG treats all personal data sent to us via the the website as confidential. This privacy policy ("Policy") defines Landert Family Office AG's conduct in relation to this data. The Policy may be updated or amended at any time without prior notice. Any amendments made will be published here by Landert Family Office AG. Information is provided at the end of the Policy as to when the last update took place. This website may contain links to third party (external) websites. Such websites are operated by third parties and are not monitored by Landert Family Office AG. The Policy does not apply to external websites, nor does Landert Family Office AG have any influence over the conduct of the responsible third parties regarding personal data.

Data security and cross-border data flow

The Internet is an unprotected public network, and data transfer via the Internet is open to risks. It is technically possible for data transferred via the Internet to be intercepted, viewed and tampered with before it reaches its destination. Data transferred via the Internet is often transferred internationally without any monitoring, regardless of whether the sender and recipient are actually in the same country. Third parties may also garner information about your visits to these websites and any existing business relationships via such data. Landert Family Office AG cannot guarantee the security of your data during electronic transfer (in particular via e-mail and electronic forms), and hereby expressly renounces any liability for damages and consequential damages.

Data processing by Landert Family Office AG

User data is automatically captured, saved and processed when you visit our website. We process this data in accordance with local law. Landert Family Office AG processes personal data anonymously only if you have sent it consciously and willingly (e.g. via e-mail or electronic forms). Landert Family Office AG does not pass on personal data to third parties. Should you have any questions relating to the handling of your data or its transmission security, please e-mail to

Legal Information

Landert Family Office AG reserves the right to amend or add to the information provided. The content and structure of the Landert website are protected by copyright. Duplication of any information or data, and in particular the use of texts, excerpts or graphic material, requires prior written authorisation by Landert Family Office AG. Furthermore, Landert Family Office advises that there are photographs, pictures, graphics and other visual material used on this website with special copyright protection. Duplication and use of these items requires prior written authorisation from the copyright holder. Further information on these copyright holders and their works is available below.

Landert Family Office AG, Dr. Gerhard Landert

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