Asset Management

We consciously serve only a small group of clients to ensure the individuality of our support service. Landert Family Office provides tailored services of the highest quality to wealthy families, individuals, companies and foundations. Discerning clients value the one-stop independent advice. Our cost structure is absolutely transparent.

The main objectives


1) Preserving your wealth
The main goal is preserving your wealth. Together with you, we develop the basis for an investment philosophy based on your personal situation. If you desire, at this stage, we can also take the transfer of wealth to future generations into account.

2) Increasing your wealth
The second priority is increasing your family assets. At the beginning of our consulting with you, we set the investment goal and determine the risk profile together with you. We use this to derive your personal investment allocation, taking our current investment policy into account.

3) Monitoring your assets

Our daily tasks comprise managing, monitoring and critically questioning decision parameters. We analyse the financial markets and adjust our investment policy to meet changing conditions. Regular reporting is just as important as open meetings with clients, which are held at least once a year.