You, our client, are the focus of our advisory and asset management services.

We base our services on your goals, your wishes and your future plans. As independent asset managers, we are free from conflicts of interest and are able to concentrate exclusively and successfully on preserving, increasing and monitoring your assets.

We consciously combine active asset management and advisory services for an exclusive group of clients. This results in impetus and valuable synergies, which directly benefit our client. We follow a consistent investment strategy not based on compromise but developed through conviction. To achieve this, we select an in-house portfolio manager who is skilled in the areas of the economy, currencies, capital markets, and stock exchanges, to assume responsibility for your assets.

We feel that separating research and advisory services, which is customary at banks, creates anonymity in responsibility. We believe that to achieve good results, analysis, investment strategy and implementation should be in the same hands. Our client support staff is involved in the decision-making processes and continually aligns the investment policy with your requirements.